Minister for Communications Energy and Natural Resources Alex White has defended Labour's record in Government following a dip in support for the party indicated in this weekend's opinion polls.

Speaking on RTÉ's This Week, Mr White said the party played an essential role in the crisis and Labour is critical for any future economic recovery.

Mr White said the party has a track record of prevailing and kept many of their 2011 General Election promises.

He continued that they persuaded Fine Gael to cut less in public services than they would have liked.

He also said Labour is a serious party of government and there is not any credibility coming from the parties "of the so-called left".

The minister added that government is all about compromise and that applies to all parties.

However, Anti-Austerity Alliance candidate Ruth Coppinger told This Week that they would work with any political party or individual in government only if they were interested in ending austerity and shifting the country towards the people instead of profit.

She said she would like to see the kind of government that would abolish water charges and property tax, and create a serious house-building programme.

On the same programme, outgoing Independent TD Clare Daly said there is now an onus on the left not to stand aside, but to engage in a more inclusive way.

She said that people have the right to an alternative and a right to expect cooperation.