This latest update incorporates The Sun/RED C poll released on 16 February, for which polling was carried out on 11-15 February but ended before the RTÉ leaders' debate.

This poll showed another two-point decline in support for Fine Gael, following the two-point decline in the previous RED C poll.

The impact of this on the Poll of Polls remains modest, but the succession of recent polls has left FG now just under 28.5%, down from its peak of 31% last month.

More importantly perhaps, with just ten days to go, the trend over the last months is now downwards.

Labour is still static around 8%, and Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin also show no sign of making headway: if anything, the reverse is true. The action seems to be elsewhere.

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By Michael Marsh, Emeritus Professor, Trinity College Dublin

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