The Labour Party has said it will not rule anything in or out in relation to student fees and the future of third level funding.

Questioned at the launch of their education policies this morning, Minister for Education Jan O'Sullivan said the party would await the publication of a report into future funding of the sector.

She said the party would not prejudge the outcome and that a debate was needed.

The report is expected to suggest a range of options, including higher student fees and the setting up of a student-loan system.

Ms O'Sullivan declined to rule out the introduction of such a system, but she said there should be no economic barriers towards accessing third level education.

Labour has said it would reduce fees by €500 initially and "pending" the publication of this report.

The party has also said it would abolish legislation which makes it possible for schools to discriminate against children of minority or no faiths when it comes to admissions.

It said it would issue instructions to schools on how best to deal with children who wish to opt out of religion classes.

A national convention on education, to report back in 12 months, on long-term priorities for reform and investment, would also be established.