An internal investigation at UCD does not uphold the student newspaper's allegation of inappropriate conduct on a Facebook group chat.

Last week, the university newspaper College Tribune stated that "a private Facebook group chat with as many as 200 members is active among male students in UCD, in which members share and rate stories and pictures of girls they have slept with...The alleged group is understood to be made up of predominantly Agricultural Science students".

The UCD investigation has found the claims to be unsubstantiated.

On publication of the article on 2 February, the university instigated an investigation. This was to investigate the circumstances and veracity of the report published in the College Tribune; to identify any students victimised by inappropriate social media; to identify the existence of the named site or other similar sites and to identify any students involved in posting inappropriate images; to determine any illegal activity and to determine whether there had been breaches of the student code.

Following the investigation, the specific allegations made in the article were not upheld.

The chair of the investigation, Professor Mark Rogers, Deputy President and Registrar, said: "Although this investigation is concluded, I am not so naive as to believe that the university community is immune to this type of activity. 

"I have reminded all students that if any of them has been affected by the inappropriate sharing of private information on social media, the student advisers and wider university support services are available to them.

In addition, Mr Rogers asked that any student or member of the university community who sees illicit and/or explicit material on university-related sites should immediately bring this to the attention of the university authorities and/or the gardaí.