Renua Ireland leader Lucinda Creighton has warned that the failure to increase accountability for white collar crime represents a serious failure of governance.

In a statement Ms Creighton warned that great damage is being done to the criminal justice system by “the justifiable public perception that, when it comes to white collar crime, the State winks at the well connected”.

Among the radical changes to the system being proposed by Renua are criminal liability for reckless lending; criminal sanctions for company directors who act recklessly or dishonestly; and removing ignorance as a defence for directors.

Ms Creighton’s party also promises to “tackle the cultural issues with whistle-blowing in Ireland by providing amnesties from prosecution for people disclosing corporate malfeasance. 

“We will also provide incentives along the lines of the American system where whistleblowers are accorded a percentage of asset seizures,” she added.