Three candidates have been nominated to contest the IFA Deputy Presidential election to replace the outgoing Deputy President of the Association, Tim O'Leary.

The election will take place over a ten-day period during April, alongside the election to replace Eddie Downey as IFA president.

The three candidates for the role are Pat Farrell from Co Kildare, Richard Kennedy from Co Limerick, and Nigel Renaghan from Co Monaghan.

Mr Farrell is a suckler and beef farmer from Co Kildare and a former Chairman of the IFA Environmental Committee.

Mr Kennedy is a dairy farmer from Clarina in north Co Limerick and is a former Limerick IFA County Chairman.

Mr Renaghan, who was first into the race for Deputy President, has been the IFA National Poultry Chairman since 2012.

Apart from poultry he also rears cattle on his farm in Co Monaghan.

Each candidate had to receive the nominations of their own IFA County Executive as well as the endorsement of five other county Chairmen in order to qualify to contest the Deputy Presidential election.

Kildare West Wicklow IFA Chairman Pat Farrell was nominated by Dublin, Offaly, Wicklow, Wexford and West Cork.

Former IFA Dairy Chairman Richard Kennedy was supported by Donegal, Clare, North Cork, Waterford and Kilkenny.

The IFA National Poultry Chairman Nigel Renaghan was nominated by Louth, Leitrim, Cavan, Meath and Westmeath.

The three candidates will now participate in the IFA Election debates that will start in Roscrea Co Tipperary next Monday 8 February.

Today was also the nomination day for candidates for the positions of the four IFA Regional Chairmen

Two candidates have been nominated to contest the position of Munster Regional Chairman.

They are John Coughlan from North Cork and John O'Brien from Cork Central.

However, IFA Rules Committee is being convened this evening to consider a complication that has arisen over the nomination of former IFA Roscommon Chairman John O'Beirne as the only candidate for the role of IFA Connaght Chairman.

It is understood the complication relates to the fact that Mr O'Beirne has an off-farm job but that IFA rules dictate the position can only be filled by a full-time farmer.

Elsewhere there is only one candidate for the position of Ulster/North Leinster Regional Chairman. That is Bert Stewart, the outgoing Chairman for that region.

The same is true for South Leinster where the outgoing Regional Chairman James Murphy is also unopposed.