The Green Party has said the Health Service Executive should be abolished in favour of a "Community Health Organisation".

Speaking at the launch of its Health Policy in Dublin City centre, party leader Eamon Ryan said that despite promises, the current Government had done nothing to reform the health system.

The party said it would introduce a patient-centered policy as a centre piece of the health service.

Mr Ryan said: “Given the spatial nature of Ireland’s population, the UK’s NHS model isn’t suitable. We envisage that mobile or electronic service delivery will play an increasing role.

“We envisage paramedical services arranged in regions based on practical response times, rather than political boundaries as being the ‘first responders’.

"These first responders should refer suitable medical problems to community pharmacies, community health drop-in centres, general practices, hospitals or other services as appropriate. 

“We also support the introduction of 24 hour triage and health concerns phone and website services which will help to direct patients to the appropriate streams of care,” he added.

Asked out today’s RED C opinion poll for the Sunday Business Post, showing the Green Party on 3%, Mr Ryan said it shows the party has a real chance in the upcoming election.

He said the Green Party is standing for reform and he said that would start in the health system, which he said was realisable.