A Dublin solicitor has been questioned by the gardaí in connection with the 1974 Birmingham bombings in which 21 people were killed.

Kieran Conway was interviewed by officers from the Special Detective Unit, which investigates subversive crime, in the presence of a British detective at Pearse Street Garda Station yesterday evening.

The interview is part of an ongoing UK criminal investigation into the bombing which was carried out by the IRA.

Six men, wrongly convicted of the bombing, were released in 1991 after serving 16 years in prison.

The gardaí were acting on behalf of the West Midlands Police Counter Terrorism Unit which supplied the questions put to Mr Conway.

Mr Conway, who said he was the IRA's former Director of Intelligence but is now a solicitor who specialises in criminal defence, said he told the gardaí of his personal shame and regret over the bombings.

He also said he told them he was not prepared to give them the name of the man who debriefed IRA members in the aftermath of the bombings.

In a statement, Mr Conway said he also admitted on camera that he had been a member of the IRA for more than two decades but does not expect to be prosecuted.