A new register aimed at those engaged in lobbying has had 1,000 organisations sign up to it ahead of a midnight deadline tonight.

The Head of Lobbying Regulation Sherry Perreault said she was pleased with the initial reaction of the establishment of a register.

Members of the public will be able to inspect the register that will show which TDs, ministers, councillors and public officials have been lobbied.

It will also show what objectives the lobbyists were hoping to achieve by contacting politicians or officials.

Separately, emails obtained by RTÉ News show the Department of Finance informed technology giant Airbnb about new lobbying legislation.

Last October, Airbnb's Chief Financial Officer Laurence Tosi emailed the department requesting a phone call with Minister Michael Noonan.

Mr Tosi said the company was considering expanding its international headquarters in Ireland "which will create substantial jobs and tax revenues".

He suggested the "existing rent-a-room scheme could be enhanced" by abolishing tax on income for Airbnb hosts.

In response, the Department said due to "an extremely heavy schedule" the minister "is unable to facilitate" the phone call at present.

However, it said the Department's head of tax "is available to you".

No tax changes were made but the Department informed Airbnb about the Lobbying Act 2015 and told the company there was further information on www.lobbying.ie

In a statement regarding its communication with the department, Airbnb said: "This was a courtesy email to the Minister of Finance about our commitment to Ireland and to growing our international HQ, which has been in Dublin since 2014 and currently employs over 400 people in Ireland."