Two new opinion polls bring good news for Fianna Fáil as the party gathers in Dublin for its last Ard Fheis before the General Election.

However, Fine Gael dominates in both polls with a strong lead despite a two-point drop in one of the polls.

Meanwhile, support for Labour and Sinn Féin is either down slightly or remains unchanged, the polls show.

When the undecided are excluded the Red C poll for the Sunday Business Post taken at the beginning of the week shows: Fine Gael at 30%, that is down two points since the last Red C poll; Labour on 9%, no change; Fianna Fáil at 19%, up 2; Sinn Féin on 19% and Independents/Others on 23%, both unchanged since the last poll.

Within the block of Independents/Others the support levels are as follows: Independents 15% (+1); Anti-Austerity Alliance-People before Profit, 3% (no change); Social Democrats, 1% (-1); Greens, 2% (no change); Renua, 2% (no change).

A second poll, this time the Behaviour and Attitudes Poll for The Sunday Times shows: Fine Gael at 31%, no change since the last comparable poll; Labour at 6% - down two points; Fianna Fáil on 20%, up one point; Sinn Féin at 16%, down one point and Independents/Others on 26% - up two points.

Within this block of Independents/Others, the breakdown of support is: Independents 12% (+1); Greens 3% (-1); Independent Alliance 3% (+1); AAA/PBP 3% (-1); Workers Party 2% (+1); Renua 2% (+1) and Social Democrats 1% (no change).

But these polls represent a snapshot of the public at the time they are taken and with an election campaign to be fought in the coming weeks there will be still plenty to play for.