The Coastguard helicopter based in Strandhill in Sligo carried out a mercy mission to Tory Island today, bringing out bags of Christmas shopping, tonnes of food and ten islanders, who had been stranded on the mainland.

Tory has been without its regular ferry service since last Friday due to heavy sea swells.

As Christmas got closer the island co-op asked the Coastguard helicopter to help ensure people got home for Christmas along with essential supplies for the festive season. 

A few runs were carried out before darkness fell and a final run is expected to go from Sligo tomorrow morning to complete the mission.

As well as ten islanders, the list of supplies being brought out includes ten boxes of bread, 40 crates of milk, 30 bags of potatoes, 10 boxes of fruit and veg, 25 boxes of mixed meat including turkeys, 15 boxes of groceries and 45 bags of shopping. 

The King of Tory, Patsy Dan Rodgers expressed the islanders gratitude to the Coastguard for the mercy mission and said they would all now have a very happy Christmas.