An RTÉ investigation has found that there are up to 20 gangs running prostitution rings in Ireland.

The report, by the RTÉ Investigations Unit, revealed that more than 100 women in prostitution rings are controlled by organised criminals.

As part of the investigation four years of data was collated, tracking each profile, mobile phone and movement of every woman advertised online, updated daily.

'Sex for Sale' shows the inner workings of organised prostitution in Ireland, and asks if the Government's new law, which criminalises paying for sex, will do anything to change it.

RTÉ Investigates

The investigation found that organised prostitution involving the pimping and trafficking of women is widespread across Ireland.

It reveals the prices being charged in the sex trade have fallen significantly in recent years.

The research shows almost one third of all women advertising across Ireland, now charge as little as €50 or €60 for 30 minutes.

It reveals that the criminal gangs who run organised prostitution are now using the women to send the vast proceeds of prostitution abroad.

Gardaí say they have sent an 'extensive' file to the Director of Public Prosecutions on this matter.