The vast majority of Irish children are being exposed to large volumes of alcohol marketing, according to a new study.

Nine out of ten children aged 13-17 were exposed to "traditional" or off-line alcohol advertising in the week prior to the study.

The study, which was commissioned by Alcohol Action Ireland, was carried out by the NUI Galway Health Promotion Research Centre.

More than half of those surveyed were exposed to four types of marketing. 

Alcohol Action Ireland says this level of exposure is associated with an almost threefold increase in the likelihood of drinking.

77% of children reported exposure to alcohol marketing online, with 35% reporting that they were invited to "like" an alcohol brand, 9.7% invited to like an event sponsored by an alcohol brand and 21.4% invited to attend such an event.

61% said they owned alcohol-branded merchandise, with ownership as high as 71.4% among boys.

Overall 64% of the children who participated in the study reported to have consumed alcohol. 

Of those, 53% reported having been drunk at least once, with 41% reported having been drunk in the last month. 

37% reported engaging in binge drinking in the last month and 50% reported that they drink every month.

A total of 686 children aged between 13-17 across 16 schools completed the questionnaire used in the study.