The Minister for Justice has said a terrorist attack in Ireland is possible, but not likely.

Frances Fitzgerald told RTÉ's News At One that the threat level remains "as it was" prior to the attacks in Paris.

She said if there was intelligence to suggest the threat level should change, the Government would react.

Ms Fitzgerald said "an attack, of course, is possible, but not likely and we do not have any information to suggest there is an attack planned here".

She said the international situation makes the Government "far more conscious of the issues", adding the situation is fluid and is being continually assessed, monitored and reviewed.

When asked if gardaí have been trained in dealing with someone wearing a suicide vest, she said our police service has been involved in very sophisticated training - both internationally and with the Defence Forces.

She said she did not know how many Irish security force personnel speak Arabic.

Ms Fitzgerald said she has not been present at National Security Committee meetings, but she has been briefed on any developments.