Officials from the Department of the Taoiseach and the Attorney General's office met representatives of the IBRC Commission including the sole member Judge Brian Cregan today to discuss the difficulties that have effectively halted his enquiry into write downs by State bank IBRC, formerly Anglo.
Judge Cregan has said he cannot continue without extra powers and possibly an extra judge.
There is no indication of any time scale for resolution of the problems, which is likely to require emergency legislation.

Earlier it emerged the Taoiseach has written to opposition leaders seeking their views on how to proceed with the IBRC Commission of Investigation.

Judge Cregan identified significant problems in his interim report.

Mr Kenny has said every member of the Oireachtas wants to comply with the intent of what the commission wanted to do, which is to investigate questions of write-offs of €10 million.

He said the judge would meet Government officials in due course to discuss how to proceed.

Meanwhile, the Fianna Fail finance spokesman, Michael McGrath, has questioned the legal advise which was given to Cabinet in the setting up of the IBRC investigation.

Speaking to RTÉ News in Cork , Mr McGrath said "Judge Cregan's report is absolutely damning and one can but conclude that the foundations of this commission are built on legal quicksand.

"There are so many holes in the legal basis for this investigation you have to question how it was ever put to the cabinet in the first place and how it got through cabinet based on the legal advise they were given."