Turkish authorities foiled a plot to stage a "major" attack in Istanbul on the same day as the deadly gun and suicide attacks in Paris, a senior official said today.

Police on Friday detained five people in Istanbul, a source said, including a suspected close associate of the so-called Islamic State group militant known as ‘Jihadi John’ who was likely killed in a recent drone strike in Syria.

"We believe they were planning an attack in Istanbul on the same day as the Paris attacks", the official said on condition of anonymity.

"The initial investigation shows we foiled a major attack."

Aine Lesley Davis was among the IS suspects detained in the swoop in Istanbul.

Davis, a London-born British Muslim who turned to Islamist militancy, has been described by British media in the past as a key figure in the network of IS in Syria.

Davis and the other four jihadists had crossed into Turkey from Syria at an unspecified date.

Turkish authorities are investigating if the foiled plot had any links with the Paris attacks which killed 132 people, the Turkish official said.

"All possibilities are being evaluated," the official added.

The arrest of the five suspected IS jihadists came ahead of the summit of G20 leaders gathering in Turkey's southern resort of Antalya today.