The latest opinion poll suggests an increase in support for Fine Gael but Labour support has fallen again.

The Sunday Times/Behaviour and Attitudes survey of voters also shows gains for both Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil.

It is good news for one part of the Coalition while the other half of Government struggles to reap the political benefits from an improving economy.

Fine Gael is on 26% in this poll - up two points since last month, but Labour drops one point and falls to just 7%.

Fianna Fáil rises by a single point to 20%.

Sinn Féin is at its highest ranking in almost a year in this poll; the party is up two points to 21%.

Independents and smaller parties are down three points to 26%.

But within that group, the left-wing alliance of People Before Profit and the Anti-Austerity Alliance, is up two points to 9%.

While this poll makes good reading for Fine Gael, both parties in Government will know the Opposition parties are making gains.

The Coalition is also, according to these findings, a massive 23 points off the level of support it won in 2011.