The former Greek Finance Minister has said the Irish Government's approach to the Troika was akin to the way a model prisoner would operate.

Yanis Varoufakis was speaking this evening at the opening of an economic and comedy festival in Kilkenny.

Mr Varoufakis was asked if the economic recovery here shows this Government's approach was right and the Greek approach was wrong.

He said Ireland had not suffered the same level of austerity and cuts as Greece had.

He said when the Troika came to Ireland, the cuts imposed were not as deep. For example, he said we didn't have to reduce the minimum wage by 40%.

Regarding the Greek bailout negotiations he was involved with before he resigned, he said he had no expectations of special support from Michael Noonan or the Irish Government because he said the Government here had adopted the strategy like that of a model prisoner: one which says "we are going to do everything we are told and hopefully one day we are going to be released".