15 people made homeless by a fire at a halting site in Carrickmines, South Dublin on 10 October have moved into temporary accommodation at a nearby site. 

Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council has acknowledged that the site, a council-owned carpark beside Ballyogan Works Depot, is less than ideal. 

The site houses five three-bedroom mobile homes. It has water, electricity and gas connections, but no permanent sewerage connection. 

The council says a temporary solution has been put in place. However the local authority acknowledged this week that the temporary location lacks basic services, which would have been available at the site initially selected at Rockville Drive in Carrickmines. 

That site became untenable after failure to reach agreement following discussions with local residents. 

The Director of the Southside Travellers Action Group has said the group will be working with the council to ensure that the emergency accommodation provided is a temporary situation.

Geraldine Dunne said the families had an emotional journey back to Dublin from Wexford yesterday.

She said it was an emotional event for the families to move into their new temporary accommodation in Ballyogan in Dublin, as there was one family missing and that was visible when they came in.

Ms Dunne said that at the moment the families were satisfied that they were living back in the area they want to be in, and that they were able to come back and stay in Dublin without having to move on again tomorrow or the next day.

She said the families were happy with the basic standards of the site for now.

Ms Dunne said there was no indication as to how long the families would stay at the temporary site, located beside Ballyogan Works Depot, but she said she hoped it would be short term.

Asked about the failure to reach an agreement over the council's initial chosen site at Rockville Drive in Carrickmines, Ms Dunne said that situation did not help anyone in the process of the tragedy in the last couple of weeks.

Ms Dunne said one of the children orphaned by the fire had his 7th birthday yesterday, and was given a birthday cake.

She said this was a really emotional event for everyone around him including family, friends and community members.

Ms Dunne said she had good faith that fire authorities would start their work, and that a tragedy like the fire would never happen again.

However, she said all the agencies, Irish citizens, and political will would have to step in to ensure travellers do get the adequate accommodation they need in the future.

Ms Dunne appealed to the media and the public to respect the privacy of the families and to give them time to grieve in peace.

A number of agencies are working with the Southside Travellers Action Group to provide counselling services for the bereaved families.

Ms Dunne said she was happy with the level of support being provided by all statutory agencies in the wake of the tragedy, and said she hoped that support would continue in the coming weeks, months and years.

The Southside Travellers Action Group coordinated the collection of clothes and other items for the families who were left homeless by the fire in the days after the tragedy happened.

STAG representatives have also been working to ensure that the new temporary homes in Ballyogan are kitted out with kitchenware, bedding and all the other items the families will need.

A fundraising account set up by St Vincent De Paul to raise money for the affected families, has collected about €22,000 in donations so far.

A senior staff member from STAG is among a group of hundreds of Irish pilgrims who have travelled to Rome to take part in a papal audience with nomadic people from all over the world.