An abortion pill bus giving women access to medical abortion pills and a consultation with an online doctor arrived in Galway today.

The bus was organised by ROSA, a reproductive rights group against oppression, sexism and austerity.

It said its campaign is two-fold; to make medical abortion pills available to women who need them and to call for a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment in the Constitution, which deals with the issue of abortion.

The bus left Dublin city centre this morning and travelled to Galway, before travelling on to Limerick.

It will visit Cork tomorrow morning before returning to Dublin city centre tomorrow afternoon.

Rita Harrold of ROSA said the bus will operate like a mobile clinic, where women will be able to get a consultation with a doctor online with the international Women on Web group.

The women will fill out a questionnaire, and ROSA will facilitate setting up Skype conversations with a doctor.

The group said it will commit to getting safe medical abortion pills delivered to the women who need them.

It did not distribute pills as part of the campaign today.

The abortion pill bus pulled up at Spanish Arch in Galway after lunch, but was told to move by gardaí, who said it could not park there.

The bus then parked across the Corrib river outside St Mary's Church on the Claddagh. It was met by around 50 supporters.

Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Ruth Coppinger, who is travelling with the group, called on the Government to begin the process of repealing the Eighth Amendment, which she said is preventing women from accessing safe abortions in Ireland.

The Pro Life Campaign has described the action as irresponsible, and a cheap publicity stunt, which demeans the debate on abortion.

It said the stories of those women who regret their abortions, as well as the rights of the unborn child, are being drowned out of the debate.

In a statement, Deputy Chairperson of the Pro Life Campaign Cora Sherlock said: "While the abortion campaigners on the bus have plenty to say about wanting unrestricted access to abortion in Ireland, they look the other way whenever confronted with stories of abortion regret or the inherent and irreplaceable value of every human life, including the unborn child."

A number of people mounted a protest beside the abortion pill bus, saying they were very disturbed by the actions of ROSA.