Shoppers and workers in a Tesco store in Ballinasloe in Co Galway were stunned earlier this week when a man rode a horse into the shop.

The incident happened during the October horse fair which is taking place in the area. 

It only lasted a short time and onlookers said the horse got no further than a couple of yards inside the door when it turned around and left.

Niall Clarke, public relations officer for the horse fair, criticised the person riding the horse and said it amounts to animal cruelty. 

"That individual shouldn’t be carrying on that way, it amounts to animal cruelty and could have caused an accident, it was lucky there was no one injured," he said.

Mr Clarke also said it had nothing to do with the horse fair: "Tesco is at the other end of the town and well away from where our events are taking place. It had nothing to do with us."