About 3,500 Irish Water customers have had repairs carried out on leaky pipes in their properties in the past six months, after water meters identified possible wastage.

Irish Water said 50,000 potential leaks have been highlighted across the country since the utility started analysing water consumption through the use of the meters.

But as of the end of August, repairs have been carried out on just 3,500 properties and almost two thirds of these customers bore the cost of repairs themselves.

However, the utility said these repairs alone are saving an estimated 18 million litres of water every day, which it claims is enough water to provide the daily requirement of every home in Co Kerry.

Irish Water is also reminding customers they may be entitled to a free repair if there is a leak in the external supply pipe between the water meter and their property.

The Head of Assets at Irish Water has said he hopes the vast majority of customers who are informed of leaks will engage with the company.

Jerry Grant said is a multi-step process and the scheme will carry on into 2016.

Speaking on RTE's Morning Ireland he said: "Clearly people have to engage and people don't always respond to a letter so we are following up with phone calls and encouraging people to get in touch."

He said around 35% of the people the company has contacted have engaged with it.