A business jet has been forced to return to Dublin Airport after reporting a fuel problem while flying over the Atlantic.

The Canadair CL600 jet had taken off from Dublin about 25 minutes earlier on a flight to the United States.

The crew issued a PAN distress message and told controllers they had a fuel leak and wished to return to the airport.

The jet circled over the Irish Sea east of Dublin for about 30 minutes before commencing its approach.

Shortly before landing the crew confirmed their leak had stopped and that they expected to make a normal landing.

The flight touched down safely shortly before 2pm and while emergency services had been placed on local standby, they did not need to be mobilised.

Earlier today, an Aer Lingus plane on a flight to Munich returned to the airport after a report of fumes in the cabin.

Flight EI 352, with 148 passenger on board, left Dublin Airport at about 7.20am but turned back and landed at Dublin shortly after 8am. 

Emergency services were in attendance when the plane landed.

Aer Lingus said passengers would be re-accommodated on another flight.