More than 2,600 motorists have been caught breaking red lights in Dublin city centre so far this year, according to new figures released today.

The figures were announced as gardaí launched a new red light-running safety initiative.

The campaign will run for October and November and is aimed at reducing the number and severity of accidents in the city.

Gardaí also said 155 drivers had been detected breaking the red light at the Luas stop at Blackhall Place in the city.

An automated red light camera was introduced at the junction in June this year.

Breaking a red light carries three penalty points and a fine of up to €120, while a court conviction sees the penalty points increase to five.

The figures also show that 14 collisions had occurred between vehicles and Luas trams so far this year.

Ten road fatalities had been recorded in the Dublin region, seven fewer than in 2014.

Analysis of the data showed that Thursday is the worst day of the week for fatal or serious collisions in Dublin.

Speaking at the launch, head of Dublin's Traffic Corps, Chief Superintendent Aidan Reid, said: "We are aiming this red light running campaign at all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and appealing to them to reduce the risk to themselves and others by simply obeying the rules of the road when the traffic light is red.

"It seems a simple ask, and maybe a lesser offence, but when you consider there are 1,620 sets of traffic lights in Dublin, and look at what is happening in one junction alone, Blackhall Place, it is very apparent there is a very real problem with compliance."