The Independent Alliance is to seek legal advice on how the alliance is to be listed on the ballot paper according to independent politician Shane Ross.

He said that they are seeking advice because they are not a party and they cannot be listed as Independent Alliance.

Another member of the alliance Finian McGrath said it was unfair and that they had tried to introduce legislation on the issue, but successive governments had failed to support it.

On the issue of potential coalition partners, Mr Ross said they would talk to parties about their charter of policies, but he said they were not going to issue red line pre-conditions. 

Mr Ross said that the Independent Alliance has 22 candidates at present to contest in the General Election.

Former Green party TD Paul Gogarty is among the seven new candidates announced today.

Speaking at the party's think-in Athlone, Mr Ross said they will be unveiling additional candidates.

Most of their candidates are Independent councillors. The Alliance is made up five Independent TDs and two senators.

The meeting was addressed by academics and journalists including Eamon Dunphy.

Mr Dunphy told the meeting that Independents needed more clarity with regard to their branding. He also said the Independent Alliance was the most viable alternative to the two-and-a-half party system.

Mr Dunphy said he would be giving the Independent Alliance his first preference vote.