A State funeral for Thomas Kent, who was executed following the 1916 Easter Rising, will be held in Cork next month, the Government has confirmed.

Kent was one of the 16 men executed in the aftermath of the Rising and one of only two executed outside Dublin, the other being Roger Casement, who was hanged in London.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny offered a State funeral to the Kent family earlier this year and the family has accepted.

Kent's remains were exhumed in Cork Prison in June.

The State funeral will take place on 18 September in Castlelyons, Co Cork, where he lived.

Mr Kenny said: "The Government is very glad to offer this honour of a State funeral in memory of the sacrifice of the late Thomas Kent.

"Thomas Kent was one of many young men who, in pursuit of the goal of Irish freedom, paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

Members of Kent's extended family have said they are grateful a State funeral has been offered and that a conclusion has been reached as to where his remains have been for almost 100 years.

His grandnephew, Michael Riordan, said it is also a sad time for the family but they are happy he will finally come home to the family grave.

Kent was a prominent organiser of the Irish Volunteers and was arrested following an incident at his Castlelyons home, in which a Royal Irish Constabulary officer was killed and Thomas' brother Richard was fatally injured.