Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said he has no intention of remaining Taoiseach beyond the lifetime of the next Government.

Mr Kenny said Government chief whip Paul Kehoe used "a lot of poetic licence" when he said earlier this week that Mr Kenny plans to serve a full term if re-elected and then contest another election.

"It would be very arrogant and presumptuous of any public representative to assume that they can be elected to anything, myself included, until the people vote," said Mr Kenny.

"I have no intention of staying beyond the remit of the next Government to be Taoiseach."

Speaking in Co Mayo, Mr Kenny said it was his intention to win the forthcoming general election and lead a Fine Gael/Labour government.

Meanwhile, a Labour minister has said he would support a pre-election agreement with Fine Gael.

Minister for Communications Alex White said such an accommodation will be looked at by the Government partners in the coming months.

He said he believed re-electing both parties was the most credible option for the electorate.

He said no party would be able to achieve what it sets out in its manifesto alone and therefore such an agreement would be to the benefit of voters as well as the parties.

Earlier, Mr Kenny said it is "not suitable" to have homeless people staying in Bed and Breakfasts and hotels after figures showed a significant rise in homeless numbers.

Mr Kenny was responding to figures from the Department of the Environment yesterday which show a 55% increase in the number of homeless families in the country since the start of the year.

The figures also highlighted a significant rise in the number of homeless families living in hotels.

"It is not suitable to have people staying in bed and breakfasts and it is not suitable for people to be staying in hotels, particularly when there are children involved," Mr Kenny said.

He said homelessness is an issue that "always raises its head from September to Christmas" and last year Government responded with a "very serious package".

"That dealt with the rough sleepers and the homeless for a period and now it's rising again."

Speaking in Knock, Co Mayo, Mr Kenny said it was not possible to deal with the issue without addressing housing supply.

He said the Government is responding with commitments to reconstruct void units, increase the provision for social houses and with measures to stimulate the private construction market.

"Because no matter who's in Government, and no matter what you do, unless you deal with the scale of supply of housing, you cannot deal with this problem effectively," he said.

In response to Mr Kenny’s comments, Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams said: "Homelessness can be prevented and ended, but it will take investment and political will not the platitudes offered today by the Taoiseach."