Fianna Fáil Senator Denis O'Donovan has called for a cull of "vicious" seagulls to be considered as he said they were invading towns.

He noted that last year his party colleague Ned O'Sullivan had raised the issue and that some people in the media had thought it was a joke.

He said that no lesser a person than British Prime Minister David Cameron recently came out to record his concerns and worry about seagulls.

He said Mr Cameron had expressed his concern after seagulls killed a tortoise and a child's pet terrier recently.

The Senator said seagulls have killed rabbits and lambs and he said he thought they were now actually endangering society.

He subsequently moved to clarify his comments, saying he meant to say they were a danger to children, not society. 

He said their behaviour is coming to the stage where it is like a rabbit with myxomatosis or a cow with mad cow disease. He said they were actually a nusiance and a pest.

He called for a debate in the Chamber in the autumn on the issue.