RTÉ has learned than an increase of 50c to the minimum wage is likely to be recommended by the group tasked with examining this pay rate.

The Low Pay Commission's first report is due to be published by the Government on Tuesday. 

An estimated 100,000 workers across the country receive the minimum wage rate, which currently stands at €8.65 an hour.

The minimum wage has been set at this level since 2007, except for a period in 2011 when it was cut by €1 by the previous government.

The current Government reversed that cut in July 2011.

Last year the Coalition set up the Low Pay Commission group to examine the minimum wage.

The Commission received more than 40 submissions with some employers' groups strongly opposed to any increase.

But the Commission believes a 50c hike in the hourly rate is the appropriate rate.

This proposal will now have to be considered by Government after the summer break.

It is likely any changes to the minimum wage would be announced around Budget time in October.

Ibec, an organisation from business and employers, released a statement this evening saying "Given the economic evidence available it is inexplicable how such a rise could be proposed. The case for an increase doesn't stack up."

The organisation said its main concern was the "knock on impact" of the minimum wage increase on "wage expectations of other employees." The statement added "we must remain vigilant on wage competitiveness."