Greek banks will remain under capital controls for at least the next two months, even if a new bailout deal is reached in Brussels today, according to a Greek minister.

Economy Minister Giorgos Stathakis also said there will be a cabinet reshuffle in the coming days, as speculation mounts over the future of the government.

The fragile state of the Greek banks was underlined last night when Mr Stathakis went on television.

He said while banks could re-open during the week, restrictions on withdrawals and currency exports would remain in place for most account holders.

Mr Stathakis also said he expects a government reshuffle in the coming days, to remove two ministers who did not vote in favour of the government’s bailout plan.

Seventeen Syriza deputies face party discipline for failing to support the measures - a move that cost the government its parliamentary majority.

Today's Syriza newspaper carries an editorial by the party's chief whip, urging early elections to deal with the political fallout from Friday night's parliamentary marathon.