The summer months, particularly July, are the most dangerous for public place accidents that lead to a personal injury claim, according to new analysis by the Injuries Board.

The Injuries Board is the Government body which makes personal injury awards.

Analysis of 2014 figures shows that slips, trips and falls were the most common cause of injury, resulting in average public liability payouts of almost €25,000.

Saturdays in July are statistically the most dangerous time of the year for accidents in public places.

The 2014 Injuries Board figures also show women are far more likely to sustain injuries in public places than men, accounting for seven out of ten cases.

Last year, the Injuries Board awarded a total of €281m in compensation in over 12,000 personal injury claims, with motor accidents accounting for three quarters of these.

The highest number of successful claims by county was in Dublin. Leitrim had the lowest number, with nine.

The Injuries Board generally makes personal injury compensation awards in motor, employer and public liability incidents where injury claims are not settled between the parties involved.