The Latest RED C Sunday Business Post opinion poll suggests that there has been a drop in support for the Government parties.

Fine Gael and Labour are both down two points while support for Sinn Féin has increased by five points.

The opinion poll was carried out among 1,000 voters nationwide on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

It suggests that 17% of those surveyed have not decided who they would vote for if there was a General Election tomorrow.

When they are excluded, Fine Gael support was measured at 25%.

That is down two points while Labour has also dipped by two points to 8%.

Sinn Féin's support has risen significantly by five points to 22%.

Fianna Fáil is up one point to 19%.

Support for Independents and the smaller parties fell by two points to 26%.

72% of people questioned have said that they would vote yes in the Same Sex Marriage Referendum with 20% opposed to the proposal and 8% undecided.

When questioned in greater detail it seems that one in three Yes voters still have doubts about their intended vote.