Minister for Communications Alex White has said RTÉ has reduced its operating costs and improved its efficiency to the point where its costs are now in the middle range of comparable European public service broadcasters.

He was speaking following the publication of an RTÉ efficiency review.

In a statement, Minister White said he will be engaging with RTÉ to ensure that these efforts are progressed and that the broadcaster continues with a review of its assets including the Montrose site.

Mr White also confirmed that the TV licence fee will not be replaced by a public service broadcasting charge until "public understanding and support" for such a move is built.

But he said legislation will be brought to Government to help tackle licence fee evasion, including by allowing An Post to access Sky and UPC customer data.

He said a significant number of people continue to enjoy the benefits of public service broadcasting while expecting others to pay their share.

The efficiency review was conducted by NewERA.

A broadcasting advertising market review was carried out for the Department of Communications by Indecon.

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Communications Michael Moynihan said the Government had "taken the politically motivated choice and cynically kicked the broadcasting charge to touch until after the next general election".

In a statement, he said: "This clearly displays a complete fear of public reaction similar to that experience associated with the establishment of Irish Water and the potential negative electoral effect.

"Clearly and cynically, this decision was taken in the best interests of getting Government TDs re-elected."