There has been a call for the clamping release fee in Dublin to be increased from €80 to €130.

The annual report of Dublin City Council's parking appeal's officer says there has not been any increase since 1998 and the current level is not deterring some people.

More than 2,300 have been clamped between four and 50 times over the past four years with one individual clamped 55 times - an average of once every three to four weeks.

The cost of running the service is €7 million but the clamping fees bring in only €4.2 million.

Parking appeals officer William Keilthy said compliant motorists are subsidising the clamping fee through their parking charges.

Overall 56,000 motorists were clamped last year.

Just 5.4% made appeals and of these nearly one in four got a full or partial refunds.

Dublin's Top Ten Clamping Hot Spots

1 Merrion Square West 733

2 Mespil Road 698

3 Ormond Quay Upper 656

4 Jervis Street 617

5 Wolfe Tone Street 612

6 Lotts North 591

7 Burlington Road 566

8 Merrion Square South 545

9 Molesworth Street 533

10 Hatch Street 496

Number of cycling commuters doubles in Dublin

Meanwhile, the number of cycling commuters in Dublin has more than doubled according to the official results of the Canal Cordon Count released today.

The number of cyclists exceeded 10,000 for the first time during the count which is carried out every November - a 114% increase on 2006.

Walking has also increased to its highest level ever with just under 20,000 going across the cordon on foot during the morning peak.

However walking and cycling combined still only account for roughly 15% of journeys.

Private car travel still accounts for the single biggest share at 33% although it is down 16% since a peak in 2006.

The overall number of people crossing the canals is starting to increase in recent years following a drop during the recession.

At the height of the housing bubble in 2006 the total number of commuters was over 207,000, this fell to a low of 181,000 in 2010 but increased to nearly 193,000 last year.

The percentage using Inter-City Rail, Suburban Rail and DART is just below 13% and while it increased slightly last year it is down 30% since 2007.

Luas has increased to just over 6% share from 4.4% in 2006.

The percentage of people using buses has increased slightly since 2006 to just under 30%.

But the actual numbers of bus passengers are down. And the numbers of Dublin Bus vehicles are also down by 19% while the number of private buses has increased by 22%.