Ed Miliband has closed the popularity gap on David Cameron on the back of TV debates and interviews, with more voters believing he is doing a good job than a bad one for the first time, an opinion poll found.

Research carried out in the hours after party leaders went head-to-head in a live showdown suggested the exposure had been a boon for all seven taking part.

But the Survation polling for the Daily Mirror also appeared to show it had little immediate effect on how people intend to vote at the General Election on 7 May.

Labour retained its lead of 33% to 31% over the Conservatives in the same poll a week ago, with Ukip up one on 18%, the Liberal Democrats and SNP unchanged on 9% and 5% and the Greens down one at 3%.

The biggest shifts came in the individual approval ratings of the leaders.

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron saw his net score - the difference between those saying politicians are doing a good or bad job - rise 4.3 points to plus 7.7 while his Labour rival improved his by 8.1 points, from minus 4.4 to plus 3.7.

In January Mr Miliband's score was as poor as minus 14.6%.

The biggest gainers were the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon - seen as the overall winner of the debate by one snap poll - who soared 19.1 points to plus 15.4 and Ukip leader Nigel Farage who went from minus 8.1 to plus 6.2.

Lib Dem leader Mr Clegg, despite a 7.7-point shift, remains the only of the seven in negative territory on minus 6.2.

Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru is on plus 11.9 from plus 2 and the Green Party's Natalie Bennett plus 3.1 from minus 5.

Survation polled 1,207 people online from the end of last night's ITV debate until midday today.

Earlier, The Sun newspaper reported that UK Conservatives have scored the highest level of support in a YouGov survey since March 2012.

David Cameron's party scored 37% in the poll ahead of the 7 May election. 

Opinion polls indicate neither Mr Cameron's Conservatives nor the opposition Labour Party shall win an overall majority in the 650-seat parliament as millions of voters turn to the UK Independence Party and the separatist Scottish National Party.
A YouGov poll for The Sun newspaper showed Conservative Party support had risen to 37%, the highest rating in the survey since before the 2012 budget, while Ed Miliband's Labour Party was on 35%, the newspaper said.
The poll was taken before last night's pre-election television debate.

There was no clear winner in the only TV debate ahead of the UK general election, which pitted seven political leaders against each other.

Labour leader Ed Miliband topped one poll, the Scottish National Party's Nicola Sturgeon another and Mr Miliband tied with David Cameron and Ukip's Nigel Farage in first place in a third poll.