Former ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet will take questions from TDs at an event in Dublin at the end of the April as his way of engaging with the Banking Inquiry.

It is understood he will give a speech at the Institute for International and European Affairs, a Dublin-based think tank, and will take questions from TDs afterwards.

The inquiry has persisted in its view that Mr Trichet should appear before it on the events surrounding the collapse of the Irish banking sector and the subsequent bailout.

This is despite the offer in a letter from the current president Mario Draghi, last week, in which he suggested that the ECB Vice President Vitor Constañcio take part in an "informal exchange of views" with the committee.

While the committee chair Ciarán Lynch welcomed Mr Draghi's offer, a spokesman said that there remained two parallel requests, one involving Mr Constañcio and one involving Mr Trichet.

However, RTÉ News understands that a process is under way to have Mr Trichet register his involvement by means of a speech in Dublin at the end of April.

Regarding the modalities of Mr Constañcio appearing - whether in private or public - an ECB spokesperson said that the "ball is in the committee's court".

The ECB spokesperson said the committee had acknowledged Mr Draghi's offer in writing two days ago.

Meanwhile, the inquiry has confirmed that Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan will return next week to clarify some of his earlier evidence.

Prof Honohan will attend a meeting on Wednesday to discuss some points in relation to the bank guarantee and the powers of the Governor of the Central Bank in the period up to 2008.

In a statement, Mr Lynch said Prof Honohan wrote to him wishing to follow up on a number of points which arose out his evidence.