The brother of murdered journalist Veronica Guerin has asked South Dublin County Council to withdraw a proposal to name the Newlands Cross flyover after his sister.

The Labour proposal was discussed at a local area committee meeting in November and it was suggested it should go to public consultation.

Ms Guerin was shot dead by criminals linked to a drug gang as she sat in her car at traffic lights near Newlands Cross in 1996. 

In a letter to the council today, Jimmy Guerin expressed concern that the memory of his sister would be dragged into what he said was becoming a political football.

The local councillor who tabled the motion to rename the newly reopened flyover after the late journalist said that the Guerin family's wishes were paramount.

Labour councillor Breeda Bonner was commenting following the request by Mr Guerin that South Dublin County Council withdraw the plan.

His letter came after it was reported that Sinn Féin members had expressed opposition.

However, in a statement Sinn Féin councillor Jonathan Graham said this was not the case.

He said there had been a very constructive and sensitive discussion about the issue and his party had not taken a formal view on the matter.

Cllr Graham said his own view was that as there were many families from Clondalkin who had lost loved ones from gangland violence.

He did not want the council to be perceived as focusing exclusively on one family to the exclusion of others.

He also supported consultation with the local community on the plan.

Cllr Bonner and local Labour TD Robert Dowds had put forward the proposal.

It was discussed at a Clondalkin Area Committee meeting last November.

Cllr Bonner said there had been a range of views expressed at the Clondalkin area meeting in November but there had been cross-party support for the proposal.

She said it had been decided to refer the matter to South Dublin County Council for public consultation.

In a letter to the council's chief executive, Mr Guerin said his family was grateful the proposal had been considered but they felt it was inappropriate that the memory of his late sister would be dragged into what he said was becoming a political football.

Cllr Bonner said she would not want any hurt to be caused to the Guerin family and she understood the position.

She also said that the memorial to Ms Guerin on the N7, which had been in place before the recent construction work, would be reinstated at the same spot.