A top cancer surgeon is to leave his post next month after claiming he no longer has the resources to take care of his patients.

Kevin Moran, a Urologist and General Surgeon at Letterkenny General Hospital, tendered his resignation to hospital authorities and expressed his growing fear for the future of Urology services at the hospital.

Mr Moran has been 24 years in the post, but informed bosses of his decision to resign in December.

"I have taken the decision to resign as I don't have the resources to take care of my patients anymore," said Mr Moran.

"I don't have access to beds. I don't have adequate access to operating theatres and I can't recruit and retain the junior staff and support staff that I need.

"The main issue is recruitment and retention. For example, to replace me takes a General Surgeon and a Urologist - two people and two disciplines - and while they're able to get a locum general surgeon I believe they will have a major difficulty recruiting a Urologist.

"There's also a training issue. We had longer and more intense training. There were no quality of life issues, no weekends off.”

The Saolta University Health Care Group says it will be working with the Consultants Appointments Advisory Committee Public appointments unit and the national recruitment service to appoint a permanent replacement for Mr Moran.

A locum consultant general surgeon has been appointed to the hospital from 23 February until 16 April and a temporary general surgeon has been appointed for one year, from 16 April.