Eleven people have died in off-piste skiing accidents in the Swiss Alps despite repeated avalanche warnings over the past four days, police said.

Nine skiers were hit by an avalanche yesterday on the Piz Vilan mountain where they were skiing at an altitude of around 2,200 metres.

Five members of the party died, while two were seriously injured.

A 31-year-old Swiss man was killed by an avalanche while he was skiing off-piste in the Bernese Oberland yesterday, and in the same area a 28-year-old Swiss snowboarder was engulfed by snow and died.

In another fatal accident, in Wildhaus near the Austrian border, a 26-year-old skiing off-piste provoked a snow slide that sent him over a cliff, police said.

Another three off-piste skiers died Thursday and Friday.

Up to 1.2 metres of snow has fallen in the region in recent days, and authorities have made repeated avalanche warnings.