President Michael D Higgins is among the dignitaries attending the annual Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony at the Mansion House in Dublin this evening.

The service is held in memory of the millions of people killed by the Nazi regime in Germany during the Second World War.

The last of the prisoners to be freed from Auschwitz were liberated on the January 27, 1945; the date is now commemorated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

This evening, a ceremony in memory of the victims of the Nazi regime is being held at the Mansion House in Dublin.

Among those in attendance this evening at the Mansion House are President Michael D Higgins, various Government ministers, Chief Justice Susan Denham, and the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland Boaz Modai.

Also attending are three survivors of the Holocaust. Two of them, Tomi Reichental and Suzi Diamond, will meet for the first time the RAF veteran who freed them from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp 70 years ago.

Annual Holocaust Memorial Day takes place at Mansion House

During the service, candles will be lit for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, and the names of Irish people who died in the genocide will be read out by family members.