Authorities in Belgium have requested the extradition of a man arrested in Greece yesterday in connection with a potential Islamist terror attack foiled by Belgian police last week.

Prosecutors have not named the man, however Belgian media have reported that he is of Moroccan descent and had telephone contact with one of the two Islamist suspects shot dead by police in a raid on Thursday evening.

Local media have also named the presumed mastermind of the alleged plot to kill police officers, who is still at large.

One of four people arrested in Athens yesterday is 27-year-old Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

Also of Moroccan descent, Mr Abaaoud is reported to have spent time fighting in Syria alongside Islamic State.

Last week police arrested 13 people in connection following a raid in the town of Verviers in which two suspects were killed. 

Five have so far been charged with terrorism-related offences.

EU foreign ministers, including Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan, are meeting in Brussels today to discuss ways of tackling the increasing radicalisation of young Muslim Europeans who go on to fight in Syria and Iraq.