Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental has been named this year's International Person of the Year at an awards ceremony in Dublin.

It is in recognition of his work educating young people about the Holocaust.

Joining him as his guest tonight is the granddaughter of a Nazi War Criminal who had a part in the deaths of some of his family members.

Mr Reichental was only nine years old when he was sent to a Nazi concentration camp

One of the few remaining holocaust survivors - he continues to share his story in schools across Ireland.

He describes what happened in the camp as hell on earth.

His guest for the event was the grandaughter of a Nazi war criminal Alexandra Senfft.

She has paid tribute to the work of  Mr Reichental. 

Ms Senfft said she was very grateful he had extended the hand of friendship to her.

Mr Reichental  says he is delighted with the award and honoured to be recognised by the Irish people.

He says he continues his work because he believes he owes it to the victims that their memory is not forgotten