The loyalist campaigner Willie Fraser has said that he is planning another 'Love Ulster' style rally through Dublin city centre.

Mr Fraser says he plans to bring around 200 people and one loyalist band to the capital, sometime at the end of January or early February next year.

Mr Fraser said the protesters would march down O'Connell Street before making their way to the Dáil.

Mr Fraser, who is a campaigner for the rights of loyalist victims of the Troubles, said he decided to organise the parade after the Government confirmed this week that it would ask the European Court of Human Rights to re-examine the case of the 'hooded men', who say they were tortured by  British soldiers  during internment in 1971.

Mr Fraser said the Government's move was hypocritical and said he was planning to go to Dublin to call for justice and equality.

He said he hopes to meet with gardaí in the coming weeks to discuss the plans for this latest parade.

A similar march organised by him through Dublin in 2006 ended in serious violence when republican demonstrators clashed with gardaí on O'Connell Street. 

Several people were injured and 41 arrests were made during the disturbances.