EirGrid has announced details of an enhanced public consultation process to enable greater engagement with communities directly affected by its new electricity grid projects.

EirGrid Chief Executive Fintan Slye said the primary goal of the new process was to restore public trust and to enable greater public participation in the company's decision-making process in the future.

He said the decision would involve changes within EirGrid and that the company is fully committed to achieving this as quickly as possible.

The new approach will involve the appointment of a community liaison officer as well as an agriculture liaison officer to each of its three regional offices as part of a more community-focussed approach when developing electricity projects.

There is also a commitment to changing the culture and processes within EirGrid to develop stronger relationships with stakeholders and communities.

In addition the company will actively seek support from the political system and state bodies to help better explain energy issues and the benefits of a stronger energy grid to the public.