The Taoiseach Enda Kenny was greeted by a number of anti- water charge protesters in a pub in Roscommon Town where he was attending a Fine Gael function this evening.

Initially a handful of protesters shouted at the Taoiseach as he left his car to enter Regans pub.

On entering at least three others got up from their seats and also began to shout their opposition to water charges and the Government.

Gardaí quickly intervened and the Taoiseach was ushered past while the protesters stood up on stools and tables and continued to vent their anger.

The protesters were accompanied out of the pub by gardaí.

Elsewhere, around 200 protesters gathered at a shopping centre at Blackpool in Cork where Taoiseach Enda Kenny attended a function at a local technology company.

The anti-water charge protesters shouted slogans and carried placards, but the demonstration was peaceful.

The Taoiseach announced the creation of 120 new jobs at Xanadu in the city.

The technology company was set up three years ago with just eight employees.

It was was founded in 2011 to provide technical support to clients such as, a leading sports betting exchange.

Operating internationally, Xanadu has grown quickly and the company currently employs more than 100 people.

Speaking at the event, Mr Kenny said he is confident the structure put in place by the Government to fund Irish Water will satisfy European Commission rules on State aid.

Mr Kenny insisted that the EU's only involvement in monitoring Ireland's progress since its exit from the bailout was a statistical one,

He also said he was happy that Ireland would measure up to the Eurostat analysis of Irish Water's funding structure.

Mr Kenny added that the scheme had been "designed specifically" to meet the criteria on State aid set by the Commission.

Asked if the Government had a Plan B in case its funding scheme is rejected by the Commission, Mr Kenny said he was happy that Ireland would measure up and would meet requirements

Mr Kenny also attended a ceremony to mark the beginning of construction on a 18,580sq.m office block at Albert Quay in Cork.

Developer John Cleary is investing €50m to create the city centre's biggest office development.