No resolution was reached on the issue of Junior Cycle reform, following a meeting today between the Minister for Education and representatives from teacher unions, with a planned day of strike action set to go ahead in December.

Following the talks, members of the ASTI and the TUI said Minister Jan O'Sullivan's insistence that 40% of the marks for State certification be awarded by students' own teachers has created an impasse.

The minister has appealed to unions not to go ahead with the strike, saying she wants to "maintain dialogue" with second-level teaching unions in relation to Junior Cycle reform.

Ms O'Sullivan restated her conviction that the package offered to the second-level teaching unions last week has the capacity to resolve the long-running dispute regarding the Junior Cycle syllabus.

In a statement, unions welcomed some changes to the syllabus such as new forms of assessment, but said major issues remain such as the failure to clarify how the proposals will be resourced in schools.

Last week the ASTI Standing Committee and TUI Executive Committee voted to take a day's strike action on Tuesday 2 December and a further day of strike action in January 2015, the date to be decided.