A 23-year-old Dubliner has been found guilty of killing a father of three and injuring two of his children as well as their uncle following his daughter's Junior Cert celebrations.

David Brannock was found not guilty of the murder of Jason Flannery but guilty of his manslaughter.

He is due to be sentenced in December.

The Central Criminal Court was told that Jade Byrne got into an argument with David Brannock during her Junior Cert result celebrations and other family members became involved.

Brannock was eventually asked to leave but the trial heard he shouted: 'I'll be back and yous are all going to get it'.

20 minutes later the family heard banging on a front window, Brannock was seen running away.

The 23-year-old was chased and the court heard Brannock stabbed Jason Flannery and his son John O' Neill aswell as slashing Jade Byrne down her back.

Mr Flannery died at the scene.

Brannock admitted causing all the knife wounds but claimed self defence.

He was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter by a majority verdict.

He was also convicted of three other charges and will be sentenced next month