The king of Saudi Arabia's advisers are recommending that the government lift its ban on female drivers, but only for women over 30 with certain requirements.

Women would not be allowed to wear makeup if they were driving.

The other terms would be that they cannot drive after 8pm.

They would need permission from a husband or father, brother or son if they wished to drive.

There would be different times depending on the day: 7am to 8pm on Saturday until Wednesday.

At the weekends they may be allowed to drive midday to 8pm on Thursday and Fridays.

In cities, a man would not be required to accompany them in the car, but outside cities they would be.

There have been a number of women captured driving in Saudi Arabia on social media sites.

Saudi Arabia's clerics worry that licentiousness will become widespread.

If a male driver speaks to a female driver he will be receive a one month prison sentence plus a fine.

Women recently have been appointed to its government.