Pressure is mounting on beef farmers to call off a 48-hour blockade of meat factories, planned for this weekend.

This afternoon meat factories and farmers will sit down to discuss dispute surrounding beef prices for the first time, despite today being the ninth day of a two-week negotiation period.

Meat industry Ireland is demanding that the Irish Farmers Association calls off its plan for a second nationwide blockade of meat factories scheduled to last for 48 hours starting on Sunday 9 November.

The last blockade, almost two weeks ago, lasted just one day, but cost the factories between €10 and €15 million in lost output.

In a statement the factories said all parties were asked by the Minister for Agriculture to cease protesting and to commit to the talks.

The IFA has very publicly demanded a major price increase and confirmed that it intends to engage in further disruptive action.

The factories said it is questionable whether the talks can proceed constructively in of the face of such a threat.