A body, believed to be that of the last missing victim of the Costa Concordia disaster, has been found on board the salvaged wreck, which is being dismantled in Genoa.

According to Italian media reports, the body, found by employees of the group charged with scrapping the luxury liner, is expected to be that of missing Indian waiter Russel Rebello.

"The remains of the Indian waiter were found inside a cabin on deck eight of the ship," La Stampa said on its website, citing local sources.

Mr Rebello had been the only one of 32 victims whose body had not been found.

The remains were discovered under furniture which had been overturned when the Concordia, which struck a rock off the island of Giglio in Tuscany in a night-time accident nearly three years ago, rolled onto its side.

The Repubblica daily said the cabin was in a part of the ship crushed against the sea-floor.

Scraps of the waiter's uniform were found intact despite being underwater for so long, it said.

The vessel, about twice the size of the Titanic, sank on the night of 13 January with 4,229 people from 70 countries on board.

Earlier this year it was finally removed from the island and towed to Genoa to be scrapped.

Its captain, Francesco Schettino, is on trial for manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning the ship before all the passengers had been evacuated.